English Prep || Darcey+Ryan 

Ryan grabbed his laptop with his finished essay on it and slid it into his bag, grabbing a notebook just in case it failed to work. He stayed in the same clothes he’d worn to school; a dark long sleeved t shirt with the sleeved rolled up and black skinny jeans that were still quite clean and fresh-looking. Grabbing his bag, he left his apartment and got on his bike, driving the short distance to Darcey’s house. She was nice company, and she needed help with her work, so he offered. Plus he didn’t feel like being along tonight, he would’ve taken up any offer to hang out with anyone. Things weren’t weird between him and Ryan, surprisingly, given the current circumstances.

He parked his bike a few houses up the street, wanting to be inconspicuous. He kept his helmet with him though, just in case. Following Darcey’s orders, Ryan snuck his way round to the back of her house and sent her a quick text, unsure as to what he should do. Sneak in, or wait for her? He decided to wait, looking up at the sun as it began to set as he waited.

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