Come On Eileen || Ryan+Darcey 

Darcey wiped under her eyes using her sleeves, unintentionally smearing her make up. She zipped up her coat and walked up to Ryan’s apartment door, knocking.

Ryan walks to the door and opens it looking at her, “He- Darcey? What’s wrong?” Holds her arm gently and pulls her inside, closing the door. “What’s happened?”

Darcey shook her head and waved him off. “It’s nothing. No questions asked, remember?” She sighed and smiled weakly.

Ryan nods, “Yeah, of course. but er.. If you do ever wanna talk.. I will listen.”

Darcey nodded and looked at the ground, wiping her eyes again. “I don’t want your pity so, before I tell you anything you know that.”

Ryan "If you don’t want it, you won’t get it, okay? but er.. Do you want a hug?"

Darcey thought for a second, looking away before nodding a big.

Ryan wraps arms around her and pulls her closer, hugging her.

Darcey wrapped her arms tightly around Ryan’s waist, hiding her face. She inhaled slowly before speaking. “My dad got out of jail for good behaviour. Now he’s back, which is why I wanted the door locked and curtains closed.”

Ryan tightens grip on her, “I’m guessing that’s not something to celebrate then.”

Darcey shook her head and pulled back a bit. “And now he wants to talk to me and I know what he’s going to say.”

Ryan "Well.. you don’t have to see him, if it bothers you. Can’t you talk over the phone?"

Darcey "He wants me to live with him." Darcey shook her head.

Ryan "Ah.. Do you not want to?"

Darcey laughed sarcastically and unzipped her coat. “He would of traded me for drugs if he had the choice.”

Ryan "Then don’t live with him/ Screw him."

Darcey "Easier said than done." Again, she looked down at her feet. "Where’s the bedroom?"

Ryan "Right.. Just down the hall." Points it out. "It’s got fresh sheets and stuff."

Darcey gave him a thankful smile and hugged him again. “Thanks.”

Ryan hugs her tightly, “Are you gonna go to bed now?”

Darcey shook her head. “Hell no, the night is still young.”

Ryan smiles, “Good. I’m wide awake and would love the company.”

Darcey "What were you doing before I interrupted you?"

Ryan "Er.." hesitates before thinking of a clever lie, "Manly stuff."

Darcey raised her eyebrow. “Oh? Explain.”

Ryan runs a hand through hair, looking shy, “I was reading. that’s really nerdy, right?”

Darcey chuckled and shook her head. “No. What book?”

Ryan "Taming of the Shrew."

Darcey "What’s it about?" She brushed past him to the couch.

Ryan "A girl call Katherine." Sits down, "She doesn’t believe in love or marriage, and everyone is out to get her. Then she meets this guy Pertruchio, and she gets engaged to him, only for him to break her heart by standing her up at the wedding."

Darcey raised her eyebrows. “Oh. It sounds horrible and a little lonely.”

Ryan "It sounds like me, to be honest."

Darcey turned her head to look at him. “I guess it does. I’m sorry.”

Ryan shrugs, “It’s no big deal.”

Darcey "It would be a big deal to some people. Megan actually came to me the night she confessed her feelings for Shane."

Ryan looks at her, frowning, “Oh?”

Darcey nodded. “She said she liked you, but also Shane. I told her..” She paused and sighed. “That she should do what her heart tells her.”

Ryan "I guess her heart wanted Shane."

Darcey "I thought she was going to choose you, honestly. The way she spoke about you." Darcey stopped talking, figuring it was doing her no good.

Ryan shakes head, “Evidently not.” looks down at hands with a sad expression.

Darcey watched him and bit her lower lip. “If there’s anything I can do to make it up to you… I feel bad.”

Ryan "It wasn’t your fault. It was no one’s except mine. I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t what she wanted." Stands up and puts on a tough exterior, "Drink"?

Darcey is taken back by his words and nods slowly. “Sure.”

Ryan "What would you like?"

Darcey "Surprise me."

Ryan "Mmkay." walks into the kitchen and opens the fridge, looking inside.

Darcey stands up and follows behind him slowly, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed.

Ryan "I got cider, water or orange juice."

Darcey "OJ, s’il vous plait."

Ryan takes out the carton and puts it on the side, getting out two glasses.

Darcey walked to the counter and jumped up on it, sitting.

Ryan pours two glasses and slides one over to her.

Darcey takes her glass, drinking some of it. “Not bad.”

Ryan puts the juice back, “Yeah, it’s fresh, only opened it this morning. Good quality stuff too.”

Darcey laughed slightly into her cup, still drinking.

Ryan leans against the fridge, staring blankly ahead.

Darcey "Is something wrong?"

Ryan looks at her, “No, why would it be?”

Darcey "You’re kind of quiet." She sets her glass down and sighs.

Ryan "Oh, sorry. Just deep in thought."

Darcey "Want to talk about it? I’m a good listener." She smiled, repeating his words from earlier.

Ryan "Not especially. It’s all in the past, I need to move on." smiles slightly, "So what do you want to do?"

Darcey shook her head, jumping off the counter top and made her way towards Ryan. “I pretty much spilled my heart out to you, now it’s your turn.”

Ryan "It’s all been said before. I’m just confused, and hurt and I need to get over myself, that’s all."

Darcey "Numbing the pain for a while will make it feel worse when you feel it." Darcey looked at Ryan. "Spoken by J.K. Rowling."

Ryan "What if I numb it until I can no longer feel anything?"

Darcey "Then I think you’d be dead and I’m not okay with that."

Ryan "I’d be physically alive. In all honesty.. I feel dead inside anyway."

Darcey "That needs to change." Darcey smiled suddenly. "You’re going to homecoming?"

Ryan "Mhm. Er, yeah, I am."

Darcey "I guess I’ll see you there, then." She grinned. "Danny’s taking me because I’m a loser who has to go with her cousin."

Ryan raises eyebrows, “Oh really? I need words with Danny.”

Darcey laughed. “Why?”

Ryan "He said we’d go together. So I guess.. We’re technically going together?"

Darcey nodded slowly. “I guess in theory we are.”

Ryan smiles slightly, “That’s not a bad thing.”

Darcey "I don’t mind. It’ll be a lot of fun. Promise to save a dance for me?" She teased, winking.

Ryan nods, “Of course.”

Darcey grabbed her glass and softly smiled at him.

Ryan smiles back and sips juice.

Darcey glanced away, pretending to cough. “Right. Let’s find something to do.”

Ryan "Er, yeah." nods, shuffling awkwardly.

Darcey finished her drink, going to wash it in the sink. “What do you normally do?”

Ryan "Listen to music, pretend i’m a famous rockstar." smirks, "No I’m kidding."

Darcey smiled to herself, turning to look at him. “We could do it..”

Ryan laughs slightly, “Alright then. Follow me.” Pick ups glass and walks out of the kitchen into bedroom.

Darcey raises her eyebrows and follows him.

Ryan puts glass down on the bedside table and switches dock system on.

Darcey sits down on the bed and watches, completely amused.

Ryan puts on Come On Eileen, “This song is a tune.”

Darcey "I have never heard it. Impress me, King." Darcey smirked and rested back against her hands.

Ryan "It’s an old classic, kinda feel good."

Darcey nods and listens to the song as it plays.

Ryan sings along quietly, lying down on the bed.

Darcey closes her eyes and sways a little to the music.

Ryan looks at her and watches her.

Darcey taps her foot and grins, unaware.

Ryan "Like it then?"

Darcey turns back, startled and blushes. “Nice song choice.”

Ryan smiles, “I love old classics.”

Darcey nodded a bit, “That song made be feel insanely comfortable.”

Ryan "Well good. I don’t want you feeling uncomfortable."

Darcey stuck her tongue out at him and crossed her legs. “I lied, I’m actually really uncomfortable right now. I think I need to go.” She spoke sarcastically.

Ryan frowns then laughs slightly, giving her a small nudge. “You’re such an idiot.”

Darcey "But you still love me." She laughed jokingly, leaning back. "Your bed is so comfy."

Ryan "Sure sure." sits up on elbows. "Yeah, it’s a pretty good bed."

Darcey "You’re so lucky." She moved the pillow so it was against the sides of her head.

Ryan "you can sleep in it tonight, if you like? I’ll take the spare, no big deal."

Darcey shook her head. “No, I’m not kicking you out.” She smiled at him and sat up. “Are you ready for bed?”

Ryan "I really don’t mind." sits up properly, "No, I need to get changed. Do you have clothes with you, or..?"

Darcey looked away awkwardly. “It was a get up and go instinct. No one knows I left.”

Ryan "Well.. Do you want to borrow something of mine?"

Darcey "Do you mind? I’ll return it, unlike some obsessed girls who sleep in the boys shirts forever and ever and soon after it just gets really sad."

Ryan "That is the saddest thing in the world. No I don’t mind." walks over to the wardrobe and pulls out some clothes for us.

Darcey took her clothes and got up, going to the bathroom to change.

Ryan switches alarm off and does a little tidying up.

Darcey comes back out, dressed in what he gave her. “This feels different.”

Ryan smiles, “Looks good. Baggy, but good.” Pulls off shirt and drops it on the chair.

Darcey was momentarily silenced, watching Ryan.

Ryan takes off jeans and pulls on the pyjama pants and top.

Darcey smiled slowly and untied her hair. “Baggy, but good.”

Ryan smiles and nods, “So do you wanna sleep now?”

Darcey shrugged, nodding a bit. “Sure, why not.”

Ryan looks at the bed then at her, “We could always share? Strictly platonic, not touching or anything.”

Darcey "I’m okay with that." She spoke quickly, climbing into his bed.

Ryan "good stuff." Gets in and lies down, pulling the covers up.

Darcey puffs up the pillow, laying down on her side, back towards him. “Great stuff.”

Ryan lays on back but turns head to look at her biting lip.

Darcey turned on her back, looking up at the ceiling.

Ryan whispers softly, “Night.”

Darcey looks over at him and smiles softly. “Goodnight.”

Ryan smiles and closes eyes, eventually falling into a glorious sleep.

Darcey falls asleep, talking, babbling, stuff like that.

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